What Are The Expertise Of A Probate Lawyer Delray Beach?

An experienced Probate Lawyer Delray Beach can effectively help you in different areas surrounding this specific field of the law. Here are the fields of expertise of a good probate lawyer.

  • Will – This is a document that outlines how an individual wishes to dispose his or her personal belongings, estate, and property when they pass on. Your probate lawyer would be able to provide the necessary advice as to how you can prepare a clear and concise will that will not be the source of dispute among the ones you leave behind.
  • Trusts – Hire a lawyer if you need to prepare a trust – an agreement in which one individual hold legal title to assets or property for the benefit of another. Having a trust is not purely for the wealthy. Don’t be intimidated with the idea of hiring a lawyer if you need to draft a trust.
  • Court representation – Your lawyer can represent you on court in case you have to. They can be in court if there are hearings involving mentally incapacitated individuals, minors, or a challenge to the will.
  • Estate administration – The laws about estate administration can vary from state to state. A probate lawyer is expected to be updated with the changes in law and apply this information to the cases he or she is handling.


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